How to create an account for Employees on SwiftManager

With SwiftManager, you can create multiple accounts for each employee of your company. You can create an account either manually or by allowing employees to create their own accounts by allowing registration on SwiftManager. Usually, the system manager himself creates an account for the new employee. You just need to enter the first and last […] →Read more

How to Publish Your Outlook Calendar on SwiftManager

In-app calendars have become so familiar we hardly take notice. We see a calendar as an integral part of an app. However, getting a calendar into an app isn’t as easy as it sounds due to technical reasons we’ll talk about in this post. Add meetings, appointments, and other events to your calendar in Outlook […] →Read more

What is SwiftManager?

SwiftManager it is a management system for various projects that simplify the maintenance of an apartment property or business. For example, many properties do a lot of paperwork and phone calls the old fashioned way, which is time-consuming. Swift makes this work easier by creating projects electronically. You can create projects, manage upcoming projects, assign […] →Read more